Health and Safety training does not need to be mundane or boring. Here at Protec Consulting we pride ourselves on developing and delivering engaging and insightful HSE training programmes and short courses to ensure that delegates at every level of your company receive and benefit from the appropriate training for their roles and responsibilities.

Supervise Asbestos Removal

This nationally recognized supervisory asbestos removal course has been designed to ensure that supervisors understand their legislative requirements and have the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and compliant removal for the removal of friable and non-friable asbestos in a wide variety of scenarios.

It is a legislative requirement for persons looking to supervise the removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos have recognized certification/qualifications.

Remove Friable Asbestos Training (Class A)

This nationally recognized Remove Friable Asbestos course is developed for workers and businesses that require to remove or manage friable asbestos as part of their work process. Workers that are tasked to remove or manage friable asbestos must have completed this training.

Friable asbestos products are still common in workplaces that include low-density board (LDB), lagging, asbestos adhesives, insulation and inflammable or weathered asbestos products.

BOHS IP404 Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos

The BOHS IP404 Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos, is an international asbestos qualification recognised by WorkSafe NZ for Asbestos Assessors.

The course offers a range of theory and practical knowledge for those conducting asbestos removal and remediation projects.  This equips an independent asbestos assessor the necessary skills to check and implement

BOHS IP402 Asbestos Surveying in Buildings

BOHS IP402 asbestos surveying in buildings qualification covers the basic (tried and tested) knowledge and skills required to locate and identify asbestos-containing materials in buildings. This course provides the essential knowledge to minimise the risk of exposure. This course qualification assesses at how to correctly take asbestos samples from buildings, what to look for, the correct surveying strategy, documentation required and tools, equipment , asbestos registers, and regulations and legislation which effects the PCBU (person conducting business undertakings)

Asbestos Awareness Plus

Similar to the Asbestos Awareness course, Asbestos Awareness plus course is aimed at providing the essential skills needed to anyone likely to disturb asbestos containing materials (ACM). This course fully covers Asbestos Awareness  and in addition covers some basics on handling up to 10m2 of class b materials. The course also covers some decontamination measures, requirements and use of PPE and RPE.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that causes serious ill-health when disturbed. It is therefore essential that anyone likely to disturb asbestos needs to take this awareness course to understand the risks associated with asbestos so that they can take the proper measures in case of an encounter with ACMs (Asbestos Containing Material).