Supervise Asbestos Removal

This nationally recognized supervisory asbestos removal course has been designed to ensure that supervisors understand their legislative requirements and have the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and compliant removal for the removal of friable and non-friable asbestos in a wide variety of scenarios. It is a legislative requirement for persons looking to supervise the removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos have recognized certification/qualifications.

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In order to become an asbestos removal supervisor, you need to be working with a class B or Class A license holder(or be a person conducting a business. This is dependent on the asbestos removal you are to be supervising.

This course will train you on creating all documentation requirements which will include.

  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCPs)
  • Air Monitoring Results
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Asbestos Registers
  • Asbestos Management Plans and Notification documentation

On request, we assist our delegates with sample documentation to help them meet the legislative requirement when removing asbestos.

By the end of course, our delegates not only have individual knowledge and skills to supervise but also comfortably:

  • Plan for Asbestos removal
  • Prepare asbestos removal area and removal site
  • Supervise testing, compliance, and documentation in consultation with the assessor and the asbestos removalist
  • Oversee removal and decontamination processes
  • Supervise and support team members.

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